Application Procedure at IPhU

Please note that the registration is a two-stage procedure, see hereafter 1) & 2)

1) The current application form to join the Graduate School of the Institute for the Physics of the Universe (IPhU) of Aix-Marseille University (AMU) has a twofold aspect:

1. to be enrolled in the Graduate School
In addition to that (upon the candidate’s request)

2. Be awarded a one-year scholarship. Are you asking for a studentship? Yes/No

→ Shortlisting process.

For the academic year 2021-2022, for the 1st year of the Master:

  • 4 full studentships (8 000 € for 10 months)
  • 4 half-studentships (4 000 € for 4 months)
(continuation of the scholarship for the M2 level is implied but subject to academic performance during the 1st Master year) .

N.B. Admission in the Graduate School does not depend on being offered a IPhU scholarship.

2) After this initial (pre-)selection of candidates to join the Graduate School, since the Physics of the Universe Master program of the Graduate School is rooted in the AMU Master of Physics, enrollments must be confirmed by an additional and mandatory step required by AMU.

Candidates have to complete their application either through the Campus France procedure or the e-candidat online application: successful candidates for the Graduate School will be asked to complete the Admission procedure for the AMU Master of Physics.

→ Please note that this is the last selection step.

Please, do pay attention to the Campus France and the e-candidate deadlines, especially those regarding the application for the 1st year of Master.

Applications received two weeks prior the respective deadlines, will no longer be considered by the IPhU committee; they must be directly completed through the Campus France or e-candidate process according to the Admission procedure.

Through this channel, only the enrollment in the IPhU Graduate School might be reconsidered (not the application for a studentship).

Deadline to submit applications for the IPhU Graduate School is set at: May 16, 2021

List of the documents candidates must attach:
  1. CV (*)
  2. most recent grades or transcripts (*)
  3. Cover letter (*)
  4. Reference letter (recommended)

Application form for 1st Master year (M1)
If you face any issue when filling in this application form, please send all the documents to
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